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Solar Rebate and Interconnection On-line Application

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This online application is used to apply for Solar Rebates and Renewable Interconnections with Ameren Missouri. The applications can be submitted in any order and do not have to be completed at the same time.

Solar rebates are available for residential systems up to 25 kW and non-residential systems up to 150 kW.  Systems greater than 100 kW must complete the Qualifying Facilities application as they do not qualify for net metering.   

Please review the table below to determine the appropriate interconnection application for your solar installation and understand program differences:

  Net Metering Qualifying Facility(QF)
Maximum System Size Maximum size for net metering for residential or commercial is 100 kW. Maximum size for qualifying facility for residential or commercial is 100 kW and above.
Online Application Yes Yes, for systems up to 1000 kW.
For larger systems, contact us at
Billing The customer is billed for the difference of what they received from Ameren Missouri and what they delivered to Ameren Missouri.
If more is delivered than received the customer will receive a credit on their energy statement.
The customer must choose one of the following:
(1) No excess energy will be purchased and no metering equipment will be installed. Any energy delivered to Ameren Missouri will not be measured and the customer will not be compensated for this energy.
(2) A bi-directional meter is installed and any energy delivered by the customer to Ameren Missouri will be purchased at the tariff rate.

**No netting occurs. Any energy that flows to Ameren Missouri is purchased by Ameren Missouri
Bi-directional Meter This is one time charge on the customers energy statement. If the customer has chosen sales of excess production to Ameren Missouri the bi-directional meter is billed monthly on the energy statement.

If you receive solar rebate commitment email you must complete an interconnection application within 60 days of receipt.  If Ameren Missouri does not receive a complete interconnection application within 60 days your solar rebate commitment WILL EXPIRE.

Solar rebates are calculated by taking the system size (kW) x $500. This is valid from January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019 through December 31, 2023, solar rebates will be calculated by taking the system size (kW) X $250.

To apply for a solar rebate, the following is required:

  1. Customer Name/Address as it appears on the Ameren Missouri Energy Statement
  2. Phone (Home/Cell)
  3. Email address
  4. Account Number
  5. Completed W9 uploaded with rebate application. The Taxpayer ID number and Name must match IRS records when validated. Failure to provide this information may delay solar rebate processing.
  6. Completed One Line Diagram
  7. Number and DC rating of Panels
  8. DC rating of inverter
  9. Installer name, address, and contact information.

Solar Rebate Tariff

Section E/F

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